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Isaac Berry, a runaway slave from Palmyra, Missouri, and Lucy Esther Millard were married in a tiny town called Little River, Canada in 1858.  They lived in Canada for nineteen years where six or their 8 children were born.  They came to Michigan in 1877 and settled in Mecosta County, Morton Township, the area now known as School Section Lake Park  After settling in Michigan, two more children were born, Malinda and John.


The Berry-Millard Family History

Text Box: Livingston County, Kentucky to Palmyra, Missouri
Text Box: Isaac’s escape route from Palmyra, Missouri to Windsor, Canada
Text Box:  Palmyra, Missouri
Text Box: Isaac and Lucy Berry settled in Puce, Ontario—also known as Little River
Text Box:  Settled at School Section Lake in Mecosta, Michigan
Text Box:  Traveled from Puce, Ontario to Mecosta, Michigan

203 miles


Mecosta, Michigan 1892

looking west

835 miles